Wedding | Cambridge | City Hall | Scott & Kelly

Scott & Kelly are dear friends and asked if I would photograph their wedding... Of course I said Yes!!! They had  planned a destination wedding In Los Cabo San Lucas Mexico. ( Blog to follow)  but first they had a private city hall wedding to make it all official. 

Here are a few from that afternoon.

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Life's Path & Happiness | We All Deserve it

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As it 2015, I thought I would start off the year with something that is true to me and I feel most people in life.

There’s a journey we all take in life, a path if you will, some say from the day we are born the path is laid out for us, all we have to do is take the journey and make a few decisions at the occasional fork in the road.

Others say that nothing is laid out for us and every decision we make in life brings us closer to what are meant to do, but it is all up to us as individuals. I can definitely see truth in both. But the big question is what are we meant to do on this earth. What is it that will fulfil our lives with joy and happiness?

These are questions I think at some point or another we all ask ourselves, myself included. I use this blog to show my passions and talk about what’s on my mind. Unsure weather people will read it, like it or even enjoy it. I do it because it’s me.

This is not what I do full time or even part time it’s just something I do, unsure of where it will take me. It’s just… another path.We all need to do what we need to do but also need to make time for those things in life that are just for us. 

            Personally I think it’s different for everyone but we all want the same thing in the end. We want to be happy.

 Happiness is the key at all things good in life. It can mean so much in so many different ways. We all love it, crave it and just a little bit of it can change our day our week or even our month. It’s different to us all but at the same time it’s the same. Things as simple as being creative, being loved or hearing laughter of friends or family.

These are some but not all things that bring happiness and I feel we all need more of it in our lives, so from me to you follow your dreams, follow your heart, be kind to one another and live life well. Live life the way that makes you happy. Be with who makes you happy &  Never give up , never let anyone tell you that you can't do what you love.

 follow your DREAMS, follow your HEART and I wish everyone  HAPPINESS.

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