Travel Essentials | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Wedding

As I packed up my suitcase and my camera bag for our  friends Scott and Kelly's Destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, I though I should shoot a flat lay of everything Camera wise I was taking with me to Photograph this momentous occasion.

see Picture below.

This is typically what I take no matter where I go.


- Canon 7D - DSLR 

-Canon 5D Classic

- Canon SX320 - Point and Shoot - not shown

- IPhone 6


- Canon 1.4F - 50MM Prime

- Canon 18-135mm

- Canon external flash 580EX

-Trigger Trap

-Manfrotto Mini Tripod

- Macbook

- 2 external hard drives

- 6 CF Memory cards

- 4 SD Memory cards

- Ipad 

 - Headphone

 - Passport

- Book -  Autobiography of a Yogi




Creativity is a funny thing, we all have it, we just don't all know what it is for each of us. Its a matter of discovering it ,and finding something new about ourselves.

It's passion, a feeling that makes us a little more complete. Its such a  beautiful thing,  no one can take it from you. Its something that is just yours.

To me It's something so  special, that it should be  shared with the world. This can be liberating, enriching and amazing, but don't get me wrong it can be scary too. This work can be constantly judged, and not everyone will have positive things to say about what you do, but that's part of it. These things will make you stronger and make your passion and creativity soar.

Creativity comes in some many different forms, from photography like myself and some fellow friends listed below, to painting, makeup, drawing, sculpting and many many other things.

We all have it in us, all we have to do is find it, and once you do nothing else matters.

I would love to see your creativity. PLEASE SHARE!!


Here are a few links to some inspiring and creative friends :


Bassem - Photography

Taylor Jackson - Photography/video

Marley Brites - Makeup/paint/Photography

Jenny Hilborn - Home Staging


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