Monigram Coffee Roasters | Galt

As I sit in the slender red brick coffee house on the south side of Cambridge Ontario, Sipping on a flat white and listening to the staff chat to their customers as if they were family. I really get the feeling that everyone here cares about what they do. There is a love of coffee and pride for what they do here, a freedom to be themselves, It's refreshing.

Its a hot spot around here and I understand why, from importing all their beans raw so they can roast them in house, to the locations they are sourced from . All sustainably sourced and designated as fair trade, organic and rainforest alliance, to having a coffee menu that is only truly offered in big cities. They are definitely doing things right.

Let's talk coffee though, I mean that is why I am here right! I'm no expert by any means  but I can say I love coffee and have drank a lot over the years. No matter where I am, a coffee is a staple. I can honestly say I have had some really good cups and some really really bad ones! but this right here, is some of the best. The full bold flavours and the velvety smooth notes across your tongue are beautiful, to me in that moment time stands still. Tonight I went for my favourite a flat white,one of those coffees that is not offered in very many places, and some maybe have never heard of it, but when you come and I insist you do, order it !!

I say this because after my first visit all I did was think about  when I could come back to get another coffee. I loved it that much.

Monigram is tucked away in a wonderful old red brick building, a perfect fit for such a welcoming communal, hip feeling coffee house.They do what they do and it is perfection!

I urge all coffee lovers to  come at least once to get away from the hustle of everyday  and just sit, enjoy and live in the moment because that is exactly  what this coffee house is about. Good coffee, good company and good vibes. Enjoy your coffee. I know you will.


Check out below all of Monigrams details and a few pictures from my visit.


16 Ainslie St. S. Cambridge ON N1R 3K1

519 620 8008




TWITTER- @monigramcoffee