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Hey Guys!!

So over this journey of blogging, I am learning a lot about myself technology and the internet. All that it has to offer. I am learning about new apps, editing programs and how to get MY media out there, to you the people the ones that really count. I have learned of a new site, a great site for anyone who wants to keep up with blogs.

Bloglovin is a site you can use on computer, mobile phones, ipads or tablets that create's your own page, you own space in the World Wide Web where you can find all the blogs you love and keep up to date with the newest post from one spot, and it’s free!!! No more going site to site to read one blog post after the next, all you have to do is open your profile and read. You can have one blog you follow or 100 what ever it is its easy, its clean and its convenient for you, the reader.  But honestly don’t just take my word for it, check it out and follow your favourite blogs.

While you are on there feel free to check out my blog and click that little follow button for me, I would love you to be on this incredible journey with me.

I hope to see you in a post real soon.