Lest We Forget | Vimy Ridge | France

Hey guys!

So today’s post is a bit different, Its not to show off and celebrate a couples love for one another but for us all to celebrate. Celebrate the love and appreciation we all have for the ones over the years and now that have fought for us. For our right to live how we do, in freedom. These men and women are not just soldier and protectors but the true heroes of our time, our past and our future. I want to just take this opportunity to thank everyone I can for what they have given up for me and all my fellow men, women and children. They all make this world a much safer and beautiful place.


A few years back I was able to make a trip over to France, during that visit I stopped by Vimy Ridge. I don’t fully know how to explain my experience. But for the few hours I was there, I found myself wondering around in a trance. Some sort of calm state with the feeling of compassion and love.

With the understanding of what went on and being able to see the battle field, the trenches and the size of the craters made by bombs. It really made me feel like crying was the only thing you could do, but at the same time the calm and peaceful feeling loomed over and brought to a state of normality. It was a beautiful yet terrifying place.


 I continued to walk around, trying to pay my respects to all that was there. I walked over to the monument made for the fallen Canadian soldiers, in actual fact as I stepped towards the moment I also stepped into Canada, as that piece of land was given to Canada as a thank you from France.  I walked around the monument reading off names of fallen soldiers and running my fingers into the carved marble stone, feeling so thankful for my life and what these people, people who I do not know had given up for me and all of us.

As I read these names the sun started to set over the hill and through the trees, it was a cool late November evening with a golden sun burning. As the sun set and shone on my face, I felt the most warmth I have ever felt and I knew then that all the fallen were still looking over us.


Thank you… LEST WE FORGET.