E-Shoot | Guelph & Cambridge | Andrew & Gloriella

Hey Guys!

So its been quite some time since my last post, and a lot has happened. I have done lots of work on my house (non stop), traveled to England twice (Scotland & Paris) and also got Engaged to a Beautiful and amazing girl-who you can see in my first post! Now that’s just scratching the surface  but I wont get into that because I am sure you want to know about this amazing couple below.

So in some way I had past with this couple.

I went to highschool with Andrew (the groom) and his brother Curtis and played rugby with them aswell. Gloriella (the bride) worked with my NOW Fiance in the past. So, when Gloriella was talking one day with Tanya about getting married-(bless Tanya’s heart) spoke up and told her about me. Gotta love it when people speak good about you!

Within a day or two I received a message from  the couple asking if I could meet them and of course I said yes!

When I met with them,  right away I could see the love they had for one another and knew how amazing they are for eachother.

So a little about the two and how they met,  Andrew grew up in Cambridge, but Gloriella was born and rasied in Mexico.  She then decided to move to Cambridge.

They met in 2007 and happened to live across the street from one another, I know right??!!! what are the chances of that!

Right off the bat, they noticed each other but both were to shy and nervous to say anything. Gloriella used to go for walks past Andrew’s house while he was working on him Grandfathers truck.

Andrew wanted to make a move and introduce himself but Gloriella would pickup the pace and walk right on past. lol!!  Now, we are talking about a really outgoing girl,  so you know this is something special!

One amazing day, Andrews dad popped out and stopped Gloriella to introduced them two.  Andrew was super quite and didn’t say anything until he found out her name, And what did he do??? Just repeated her name twice- under his breath, just so he would never forget it. After that day,  they started chatting it up more until they finally went on their first date.

Now this is the really cute part- Gloriella is Mexican and with moving here, English was her second langue.  She wasn’t very good at her English yet,  so she brought a Spanish/English dictionary with her on their date her to help out..and  they went Salsa dancing!!!  Things went so well that they decided to continue with  the salsa lessons for a few weeks.

One Thursday night while they were salsa dancing,  a romantic Latin slow song came on and Andrew went in for the kill and got his first kiss. That kiss made what is today such a beautiful relationship.

They have their Stag and Doe tonight at Preston Auditorium banquet hall, and their wedding in a few weeks.

Check back soon to see some photos from their big day!